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2016-2017 Post Officers

Left to right:  Joe Leahy, Gary Owens, Hank Mangels, Joe Licata, Ted Listing, Dave Hammond, Ed Beier, Omer E. Smith, Jeffrey Vick, Sandy Ausbrooks

Not pictured: Dave Lydon, Sal Rutigliano



Commander - Dave Hammond 386-313-1433
1st Vice Commander - Joe Licata 386-597-4801
2nd Vice Commander - Charlie Hayes 386-597-3238
Adjutant - Gary Owens 425-319-4505
Finance Officer - Hank Mangels 516-509-7520
Service Officer - David Lydon 386-315-4628
Chaplain - Sandy Ausbrooks 386-586-8033
Sergeant-at-Arms - Ed Beier 386-445-0831
Historian - Sal Rutigliano 386-931-5682
Judge Advocate - Omer E. Smith 386-445-5346
Support/Community Relations - Ted Listing 386-585-4291
V.AC./Krier Publisher - Jeffrey Vick 425-750-2306
Fundraising/Boys State - Joe Leahy  


Commander Dave Hammond commander@flaglerpost115.org
Adjutant Gary Owens adjutant@flaglerpost115.org
1st Vice Commander Joe Licata 1stvice@flaglerpost115.org
2nd Vice Commander Charlie Hayes 2ndvice@flaglerpost115.org
Finance Officer Hank Mangels finance@flaglerpost115.org
Service Officer Dave Lydon       serviceofficer@flaglerpost115.org
Chaplain Sandy Ausbrooks                chaplain@flaglerpost115.org
Sgt-At-Arms - Ed Beier sargentatarms@flaglerpost115.org
Historian - Sal Rutigliano historian@flaglerpost115.org
Judge Advocate O. Gene Smith judgeadvocate@flaglerpost115.org